We, as an office are committed towards ensuring that we are doing our part to protect the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. When designing the office we kept our “Green Office” goal in mind to reduce the impact we have on our local and global environment. Here are the measures we have undertaken for a Green Dental Environment for our patients and staff.

Office Architecture 

  • Leed certified Cabinetry from Midmark Dental

  • Leed certified Vinyl flooring and carpet

  • Low VOC paints used throughout the office

  • Thermostat Programmable HVAC cooling system

  • Energy efficient Flourescent lighting throughout the office

  • Recycled wood in custom cabinetry (laminates have no PVC or Formaldehyde)

Front Office

  • Software to decrease paper use

  • Energy star rated computers

  • Computers programmed for Energy Conservation

  • Using Recycled Paper products as often as possible

  • Using Recycled/Remanufactured toner and ink-jet cartridges

  • E-file insurance claims

  • Paper recycling

Treatment Rooms

  • Itero scans for digital imaging

  • Digital Radiography (No film processing chemicals and less patient radiation)

  • Recycled paper products for paper cups and paper towels.

  • Biodegradable Sterilization solutions used throughout the office

  • We offer metal free restorations


  • Steam Autoclaves

  • Cassette system for instrument handling (safer and reduces use of plastic sterilization bags)


  • Dry, oil free Vacuum system (traditional systems comsume approximately a gallon a minute!)

  • Amalgam separation and filtration system for appropriate disposal of old mercury fillings avoiding contamination of local water.

Nitrile gloves

We use powder free Nitrile gloves as a standard in our offices to protect patients and staff from latex allergies.